So what’s in this amazing blend?

We’ve selected a handful of ingredients that are potent and effective in building strength and bringing glow to your skin. They include;

  • Tremella Powder Extract - Tremella Fuciformis is an extraordinary medicinal mushroom used for centuries in East Asian cultures. With its unique polysaccharide structure, it has incredible water retaining properties (up to 500 times its own weight) giving it the nickname “Nature’s Hyaluronic Acid”. The same polysaccharides act like antioxidants preventing further cell damage from free radicals and can inhibit the growth and spread of inflammation.
  • Lotus seedLotus Seeds (widely used in both Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic Medicine) for its high minerals and antioxidant content. Also contains an anti-aging enzyme, L-isoaspartyl methyltransferase and natural flavonoid Kaempferol believed to repair damaged skin cells as well as ease oxidative stress.
  • Goji berry Large amounts of Vitamin C which help boost collagen production and Beta-Carotene, which increases the skins defences against UV radiation. As well as Vitamin A which helps speed up healing, breakouts and supports skin health.
  • Red dates Similarly packed with Vitamins and Minerals including Vitamin B which helps skin tone, complexion and against irritation as well as Vitamin A and C. In TCM Red Dates are considered a blood tonic which has the ability to brighten your complexion and increase blood flow.