What is Collagen?

How do I consume it?

One scoop per day, either mix it into your juice, smoothie or try the mango in water. Consistency is the key to seeing change! 

Is it safe to consume when pregnant?

Our marine collagen is all natural, so it is definitely safe to consume when pregnant. However, just in case, please consult your doctors to ensure there is nothing specifically you need to avoid.

What is Nakdnu 360 fat burning protein?

What is so good about Nakdnu 360 fat burning protein?

Our new fat burning protein is a multidimensional protein because .. 

It has the muscle building component (Whey Protein, BCAA's), Fat Burners (Green Tea, Acetyl-L-Carnitine) and multiple vitamins (Potassium, Sodium and a long list of other Vitamins and Minerals) for general health. 

For more information please visit our product page here.

    Are the products Gluten and GMO Free?

    Yes! Our current 360 Fat burning protein is Gluten and GMO Free!

    If there are any questions that aren't answered here please reach out to us on hello@nakdnu.com

    What is Whey protein and why is it needed?

    What is whey protein?

    • Created by filtering milk protein, Whey protein is a by-product of the cheese-making process. It is highly bioavailable with a high concentration of Branched-Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs).
    • BCAA’s are the crucial element in rebuilding and repairing muscle damage caused by working out and preserving lean muscle mass. It also helps minimise muscle breakdown during your workout so you don't lose those gains! 
    • If your body can't find the right source of protein post workout it will look to muscle cells for energy, eating way at your hard earned efforts. Whey Protein and BCAAs provide the fuel to your muscles pre and post workout.

    Why should I take Whey protein?

    • Pre/post workout – Whey can help repair muscles and aid in growth
    • Get Toned - Great for those wishing to lose fat but preserve muscle. Studies show that consuming Whey can lead to better preservation of lean muscle and reduction in fat with a calorie deficit approach.
    • Hunger Reduction - Whey is known to reduce hunger and is a low calorie source of protein. 
    • Provides fuel for muscles - Helps provide the fuel your muscles need post a strenuous workout, if it can’t find the right source, it will eat into your muscle cells to acquire energy and that's not what you want! 

    Why do I need to build muscle for?

    More muscle + Less Fat = More toned!

    However there are many other wonderful reasons including;

    • Increased bone density – developing your muscles will also increase your bone density, but don’t worry, this will not make you look bulkier, it will only make your bones stronger.
    • Speeds up metabolism - burn more calories – put simply, the more muscle mass you have, the more calories your body will need to maintain your everyday activities.
    • Reduced risk of injury – stronger muscles help support your joints, helping protect your joints against injury.
    • Lastly and most importantly, look and feel better – Whether you want to look more toned, be able to lift more, or just want to be able to live your lives with less restrictions, developing more muscle mass will mean you look and feel stronger.

      Is protein powder only for body builders?

      Absolutely not! Protein powder can be used by anyone wanting to develop more muscle mass and/or preserve lean muscle mass. It is also an incredibly cost effective, efficient and low calorie way to increase protein in your diet. Whether it’s as a stand alone shake or topped on your bowl of oats.

      If there any more questions that aren't answered here please reach out to us on hello@nakdnu.com

      How/when should I take it?

      How or when should I take it?

      Protein Powder should be used as a supplement on top of a well balanced diet and exercise regime specific to your targeted goals. 

      Nakdnu 360 protein can be taken on many occasions including;

      • Blended with breakfast
      • Snack between meals
      • Pre and Post exercise and
      • Any other meal you think could do with more protein!

      First timers - try one after your workout first and see if you need to increase your protein intake over time!

      More Questions

      Will taking protein powder make me gain weight?

      Again, absolutely NOT! When used in conjunction with healthy diet and exercise plan, protein powder will assist in stripping fat from your body as you develop more lean muscle mass and a toner physique.

      Are your protein powder products safe to use during pregnancy and breastfeeding?

      Yes, all of our protein products are safe for consumption during pregnancy and breastfeeding. However, just in case, please consult your doctors to ensure there is nothing specifically you need to avoid.

      How much protein per serving size?

      Our servings size is 33g. 

      What’s the preferred storage method and shelf life for Nakdnu Whey protein?

      We always suggest to keep it dry, sealed, out of the sun and in a cool location. Our products have a shelf life of 24 months from creation. If you’d like to know more specifically, please contact us on hello@nakdnu.com and we’ll be happy to assist.

      Where are your products manufactured?

      Manufactured in Australia from Australian and imported ingredients.

      If there any more questions that aren't answered here please reach out to us on hello@nakdnu.com

      Import Tax &Duties/Liabilies by different governments

      The shipping cost does not cover any import tax or duties/liabilities that may be applied by the Government of the destination country. Nakdnu does not accept responsibility for custom delays, duties or taxes that may apply in destination country. Under no circumstance will Nakdnu accept any orders back due to rejection of customers charges. Orders cannot be returned to sender.