What is Collagen?

How do I consume it?

One scoop per day, either mix it into your juice, smoothie or try the mango in water. Consistency is the key to seeing change! 

Is it safe to consume when pregnant?

Our marine collagen is all natural, so it is definitely safe to consume when pregnant. However, just in case, please consult your doctors to ensure there is nothing specifically you need to avoid.

    Where are your products manufactured?

    Manufactured in Australia from Australian and imported ingredients.

    If there any more questions that aren't answered here please reach out to us on hello@nakdnu.com

    Import Tax & Duties/Liabilies by different governments

    The shipping cost does not cover any import tax or duties/liabilities that may be applied by the Government of the destination country. Nakdnu does not accept responsibility for custom delays, duties or taxes that may apply in destination country. Under no circumstance will Nakdnu accept any orders back due to rejection of customers charges. Orders cannot be returned to sender.